Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Ocean Heights Interior and Location Video

Please check out this video which I took in June 2005, it shows the mockup of the interior that Damac have on show at their headquarters and a look at the location and view from the 39th floor of the building behind.

You will need a myspace account to log on, or just set one up for free!


Blogger nidoenator said...

Spoogle Hi,

Thanks very much for the video. It gives us a taster of whats to come. Looks impressive.

Just a few quesions for you.

1. Were you happy with the quality of the finishings?

2. Is this a 1 Bedroom apartment?

3. Is their HQ close Ocean Heights?

1:04 PM  
Blogger Spoogle said...

Lets hope it is a taste of whats to come, after all this was one of the reasons we decided to buy in Ocean Heights. Being a lot more money than equivalent sized appartments elswhere, we are prepared to pay for quality and location.

In answer to your questions;

1. Yes I was but being a show appartment I wouldnt have expected anything less.
2. This was just a mock up so it had a living area, kitchen, one bedroom and a bathroom although it was explained that the bathroom was bigger than the final ones based on the fact they were demonstrating it with a bath and jacuzzi.
3. Yes just behind and across the road in a temporary air conditioned marquee type office.

2:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Spoogle

I read your comments on Skyscraper city this morning you are welcome to my e-mail address. I am like you i bought into the Damac dream on past history,which I hope like yourself not to be left high and dry by Damac.

They give you no info or updates you have to prize every bit of info out of them.

I bought a 1 bedded Apt on the 18 floor last year.

Contact me anytime on

Best Regards : Fezzy

7:54 AM  

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